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Room Themes


High Roller's Lounge

You are on a mission to get back your prized possession lost in a High Stakes Game of Poker! You didn't realize you were playing with crooks and you made the wrong bet! Steal back what was stolen from you!


7 ppl max


Sweet Escape

A family trip to Sugar Falls becomes the adventure of a lifetime when you get trapped inside the local candy shop, where none of the candy is edible! Find your way out before you become trapped inside forever!

7 ppl max


Murder Mystery:
Mansion Edition

Nikolai Petrov was killed in his home office. You're on the scene and have to decipher the clues to find out who killed him before the killer gets away with murder. Can you do it??

12 ppl max


Tiny Tim's Toy Shop

With Ebenezer Scrooge's backing, Tiny Tim and his father, Bob Cratchit opened a toy shop. Scrooge has passed and his evil nephew is trying to close it down. Find the legal documents to help save the business. (Opens December 10)


7 ppl max


Curse of the Evil Genie

Cursed by the evil Genie Asmodeus, you must find a way to break the curse to free yourself from his lamp.

6 ppl max

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